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We can be of assistance in taking out a mortgage. We intermediate for almost all banks and insurers that are active in the Dutch market. Because of this our accredited mortgage advisors can always help you with the mortgage advice, that suits your personal situation best.

Buying a house is probably the biggest financial decision you will take in your lifetime. And it often involves a long process. So this can be a exciting period.  During this time it will be reassuring to have an advisor available who gives guidance and support.

Banks only offer products from there own brand. An important aspect of our advice is that we make an objective comparison between the products of many different banks. Therefore you can be sure that  with us you really get the best offer.

Every mortgage advice is unique. We have experience with varying situations and different circumstances.  So we can always, even in complex cases, give a carefully considered advice. For example in case of medical problems or the special circumstances of expatriates. Moreover we have experience with (starting) entrepreneurs who have a variable income and with new entrants to the housing market.

If you already have a mortgage it may be worthwhile to check your current situation, because your personal situation and or market circumstances will have changed. Changes in your personal situation may make it necessary to change your policies, while changes in market circumstances can cause opportunities for considerable savings.   

We are available at your convenience, even during the evening hours and the weekends.  A first meeting is always without obligations and therefore free of charge.

Call us for direct advice by phone or to make an appointment with one of our accredited insurance advisors:

T +31(0)70-3872225

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