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Mahieu Assurantiën, a financial intermediary established in 1947, is specialised in providing advisory services to expats. Our consultants can help you in finding the proper mortgage and insurance, catered to your specific situation. To ensure that we can offer you the best possible advice we are working together with many national and international insurance companies and banks.

We understand that living and working abroad can be a cause of joy, but that it also provides a lot of challenges. Especially when financial and legal issues are involved, professional advice is very important. Therefore our consultants will take all the time needed to go through all the financial, legal and regulatory issues, connected to insurances and mortgages in the Netherlands.

To make sure that all communication is clear our consultants will always try to advice you in the language that you feel comfortable with. Our consultants can advice you in Dutch, English, Farsi, French and German. Among the international clients that are enjoying our personal and professional approach, are people working for embassies, people working in the private sector as well as academics.

Call us for an appointment with one of our accredited consultants:

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